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Info Session

Professional Mentoring

become unstuck & unstoppable

Our bi-weekly mentoring sessions provide accountability, business psychology, and a chance to learn from the wisdom and experience of two well-established online practitioner business owners.

Your unique business

needs a one-of-a-kind approach

Our Aligned Business Framework dives into your psyche to help uncover your superpowers, get clear on your core desires, and weave it all into your Aligned Business Blueprint. Then we guide you through the concrete action steps that will bring your vision to life.

The result? A business that truly works for you - financially, energetically, creatively, socially, and spiritually.

"off-the-grid" Community

Stay on topic, Get results

There's too much noise on Facebook so we built our own community where you can get support from like-minded online practitioners / helper-healer entrepreneurs in a 100% supportive and mission-focused environment.

No ads, no spam, no politics, no religion, no hate, no random rabbit holes. Just on-topic conversations, support, and love*.

*may include occasional tough love.

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