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You started a business to create FREEDOM in your life, but…

What could be possible…

….. if everything you needed to escape these problems was just a click away?


Freedom Through Automation gives you the exact techniques, training, and tools you need to get your own passive income digital product planned, prepped and printing money. Nothing else needed.

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Enjoy your new lifestyle with more freedom, less stress, and money literally coming in while you sleep.

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Freedom through Automation is created and taught by:

Kariman “Kay” Pierce


Hi, I’m Kariman (“Kay”). I’m a fierce advocate for the healing arts. I credit holistic nutrition, acupuncture and somatic work for my rise out of a 20 year autoimmune health struggle.

I have run numerous businesses over 25 years. In the last 7, I worked as a holistic nutrition professional and then went on to credential as a Whole Person Certified Coach with a focus on business psychology.

Sally Crewe


Hi! I’m Sally. I’m the founder of NurtureDash (formerly The Practitioner Platform). I am also a musician, energy healer, and trainee animal communicator. I live in Austin, Texas, but I was born and raised in England. I have 1 husband and 2 dogs (alas, this is not my horse!)

I love helping businesses set up their marketing systems and helping them build automations (‘robot employees’) that instantly give them so much of their time back! Looking forward to sharing my experience and insights with you inside Freedom through Automation.

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Freedom through Automation shows you step-by-step how to completely automate the sales and marketing of your online course or other digital product, so you can free up your time and create a passive income stream.

What’s included:

We teach you our tried and tested planning process, breaking it down step-by-step

We share our funnel maps, checklists and copywriting prompts – the same ones we use ourselves and with our clients

Click-by-click guidance, so plugging it all together is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Getting the word out about your product or service offering

The surprisingly simple way to predict your profits and automate business growth


A 90-day free trial of NurtureDash so you can follow along and build your automated income stream in real time as you watch the training.

What’s more precious than your time?

We only have a limited amount of time to use each day, and we only have a limited number of days.  When you chose to start your own business, you likely wanted to have more time, flexibility and freedom.  However, do you instead find you’re filling so many roles in your business it feels like you’ve got less time than ever?

Automating and creating passive income is HOW you get your time back and begin to create the viable business you’ve been dreaming of.  A business that creates time and income that frees you up to work less and live more.

Love 1-1 work? Automating isn’t just about passive income, it also frees you up to focus on “high touch” (and very well paid) work, and frees up your business to help clients at all income levels – on your behalf. It’s a win-win and a beautiful ripple effect.

So, are you ready to step into a business that works for YOU, instead of you working for it? Then Freedom through Automation is for you.

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